Access control

Tv Guy knows today's electronic access control systems need to do more than simply locking and unlocking doors.  Logging information electronically is crucial in access control. Its real time information to restrict access in and out at certain times 24 hours a day.

This is good building management, tracking who goes where and when and to restrict a certain area or areas.  Each client has a different need with access control. We can design a specific system individually for  each industry, type of facility or residence for that matter.  

Tv Guy can provide Access Control Solutions for schools & colleges, hospitals, pharmacies & medical centers as hotels, sporting facilities, logistics depots & warehouses, manufacturing & Industrial factories, apartments and corporate offices.

Access Control commonly uses proximity cards, fobs, or remotes.  All persons authorized to enter will use the device issued to gain access.The Access Control System is then programmed by an administrator  to define the entrances, times and rules of entry for each credential holder. This information is then distributed to the restricted access points (ie. doors, elevators and control panels). Access is to be granted to valid credentials presented to the access point.

The best Access Control Solution will depend on the number of users, administrators requirements and budget. Tv Guy can provide proximity readers, swipe card readers, mobile phone identification reader, wireless remotes, even fingerprint or retina recognition


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