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Commercial Access Control

Access control is more than just opening doors. Its giving permission for staff and visitors to go where and when you specify, with no room for error. Our intruder detection systems are specifically designed for these types of large applications. We give you expert service and prompt installations.

Commercial Security Alarms

We pride ourselves on installing the most advanced Security system to our clients. Our Expert team will provide you a number of options to suit your budget with quality and prompt customer service.

Fog BOMB Security

We use Premium European designed Fog Security Systems. These elite Security devices are clean and powerful and are the ultimate in crime prevetion. This is one of the reasons why we are recommended.

Wireless Alarm Systems

We use the most elite state of the art wireless alarm systems specialising in low signal reception situations. We supply a wide range of powerful systems designed to handle the most difficult applications.

CCTV Security Cameras

Our team of qualified antenna technicians will provide you with quality and prompt repairs for all aspects of television reception including issues with Antennas, antenna cabling and TV points.

Security System Repairs

We can provide Bird spikes which are used to deter birds landing on the tv antenna.  This helps prevent droppings and the destruction of antenna system.  Prevention is better than cure.

Residential Security Alarms

Home Security system installation available for new or old homes. Our expert team can provide prompt customer service and free quotes.


We provide an A grade electrician service as well as our audio visual services.  We have found it very convenient when setting up Entertainment areas.

Payment Processing

We accept most forms of payment including  cash, credit card, eftpos, tap and go and transfer with prompt customer service.

Access Control Home or Business

We use the latest technology

It's important to us to stay up to date with the latest technology with the highest quality. Access Control, whether it's residential or commercial, it's extremely important for protecting staff, assets, and your family from burglars and intruders. A residential or commercial security access system can include the convenience of keyless door locks and permission-based entry devices. We can customise a solution specific to your property or situation. losing your keys and being locked out, a thing of the past with electronic Access Control systems.

Make it easy to lock up.

High quality locks one of the best ways to deter offenders from breaking into your property, and can reduce the amount of time an intruder successfully enters your premises. Even if you only need one standalone keypad with keyless door locks at the front door or something more complex, such as a biometric identification system on multiple entry points. We can help.

Commercial Access

Tv Guy knows today's electronic access control systems need to do more than simply locking and unlocking doors.  Logging information electronically is crucial in access control. Its real time information to restrict access in and out at certain times 24 hours a day.

This is good building management, tracking who goes where and when and to restrict a certain area or areas.  Each client has a different need with access control. We can design a specific system individually for  each industry, type of facility or residence for that matter.  

Tv Guy can provide Access Control Solutions for schools & colleges, hospitals, pharmacies & medical centers as hotels, sporting facilities, logistics depots & warehouses, manufacturing & Industrial factories, apartments and corporate offices.

Access Control commonly uses proximity cards, fobs, or remotes.  All persons authorized to enter will use the device issued to gain access.The Access Control System is then programmed by an administrator  to define the entrances, times and rules of entry for each credential holder. This information is then distributed to the restricted access points (ie. doors, elevators and control panels). Access is to be granted to valid credentials presented to the access point.

The best Access Control Solution will depend on the number of users, administrators requirements and budget. Tv Guy can provide proximity readers, swipe card readers, mobile phone identification reader, wireless remotes, even fingerprint or retina recognition

Get a site audit?

If you don't know which way to go next. One of our licensed security advisors will conduct a site audit of your home or business to determine the specific risk levels associated with your premises and assets. This information is used to design an access control system for your premises that complies with Australian Standards, as well as Insurance Industry considerations. We can then investigate all your security weak points. Our report and quotation will outline our equipment recommendations for providing a standard level of protection plus additional options that will provide a higher level of coverage and security to suit your home or business requirements.

Ubiquity Link Building to Building


For large distance installations, trenching is risky, so we recommend ubiquity links instead. For example. Building 1, might have 8x wired Security Cameras with an alarm systemand access control, and building 2 might have 16x wired Security Cameras with an alarm systemand access control. So we simply link the buildings with one ubiquity link. We generally use 900MHz or 5GHz wireless transceivers, that can go up to 15km line of sight. For most cases we can use 5GHz. However if we need the wireless signal to go around corners, over a mountain, or penetration objects, buildings and/or dense foliage, we would use 900MHz.

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