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Tv Antenna Installations in Bass Coast Antennas

Antenna Installation Bass Coast Antennas

We pride ourselves in installing the correct TV antenna to our clients. Our Expert team will provide you with quality and prompt customer service.

Antenna Amplifiers Bass Coast Antennas

Amplifiers are used to strengthen low signal reception issues. We supply a wide range of powerful television amplifiers designed to resolve any low signal strength.

Test Tv Signal Bass Coast Antennas

We use only European digital tv antennas. These Premium digital tv antennas provide an incredibly clean and powerful signal. This is one of the reasons why we are recommended.

Antenna Repair Bass Coast Antennas

Our team of qualified antenna technicians will provide you with quality and prompt repairs for all aspects of television reception including issues with Antennas, antenna cabling and TV points.

Antenna Outlets Bass Coast Antennas

Extra TV outlet point installation available today. A supplementary television point in any room can be connected to your current antenna system.

Antenna Bird Spikes Bass Coast Antennas

We can provide Bird spikes which are used to deter birds landing on the tv antenna.  This helps prevent droppings and the destruction of antenna system.  Prevention is better than cure.

Hang Your Tv Bass Coast Antennas

Television wall mounting service. Swivel mounting or flat mounting. Expert installation service available today.

Electrician Bass Coast Antennas

We provide an A grade electrician service as well as our audio visual services.  We have found it very convenient when setting up Entertainment areas.

Payment Processing

We accept most forms of payment including  cash, credit card, eftpos, tap and go and transfer with prompt customer service.

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TV Antenna Installation includes the following:

Free Site Test to verify the TV Antenna signal strength in Bass Coast Antennas

Galvanised Iron Roof Mount Bracket to suit Tiles or Colourbond roofs

Galvanised TV Antenna Pole

Quality Digital TV Antenna

 TV Antenna Reception Problems and Repairs subject to an initial site test TV signal strength & quality test

Note: Bird Spikes can be added to any antenna installation in Bass Coast Antennas  as shown here.

Tv Antenna Mounted on a Pole with a Booster

Inside the Roof Space Antenna Installation in Bass Coast Antennas

If you are not keen on seeing your tv antenna sticking out of the roof top. Tv Guy to install one inside the roof space of your home. Firstly we need to check the signal strength and quality and if its clean and clear, no problem! Installed.

Tv guy Specialise in roof space installations in Bass Coast Antennas , its just a simple phone call to find out.

Hanging a Tv in Bass Coast Antennas

If you would like your tv to be wall mounted in Bass Coast Antennas  we are worlds apart from all our competition. In this photo you will see another amazing installation from the Tv Guy crew. This level of quality is expected on every single one of our installations. In order to make your installation look amazing we have no cables showing. This one is a perfect example on what you can expect from a Tv Guy wall mounting installation in your home. In Bass Coast Antennas , and surrounding suburbs of Bass Coast Antennas  we are easily the best Tv wall mounting experts. Call us now 0418504488


Local Tv Guy Bass Coast Antennas

Our services are designed to be comprehensive solutions for both residences and businesses throughout Bass Coast Antennas . Working with Tv Guy will ensure that you get the best installation and upgrade solutions at a decent price.

Our expert technicians can provide you with an accurate estimate directly over the phone. We even offer a free onsite quote on installation services so that you can obtain the services that you need at a reasonable cost.

We’re open daily from 8AM – 8PM and our technicians can be dispatched to your location promptly for fast Bass Coast Antennas  installations and repairs. Once our technicians arrive at your location, you can expect to receive prompt and knowledgeable customer support services for installation, upgrades and reception problems.

Our friendly and reliable technicians are happy to serve you. To check out our prices just click below on the services your interested in.

Tv Guy Services & Pricing

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Antenna & Electrical Installations in the Bass Coast Region

Adams Estate 3984, Almurta 3979, Anderson 3995, Archies Creek 3995, Bass 3991, Blackwood Forest 3992, Cape Paterson 3995, Cape Woolamai 3925, Churchill Island 3925, Corinella 3984, Coronet Bay 3984, Cowes 3922, Dalyston 3992, Glen Alvie 3979, Glen Forbes 3990, Grantville 3984, Harmers Haven 3995, Inverloch 3996, Jam Jerrup 3984, Kernot 3979, Kilcunda 3995, Krowera 3945, Lance Creek 3995, Newhaven 3925, North Wonthaggi 3995, Pioneer Bay 3984, Pound Creek 3996, Queensferry 3984, Rhyll 3923, Ryanston 3992, San Remo 3925, Silverleaves 3922, Smiths Beach 3922, South Dudley 3995, St Clair 3995, Summerlands 3922, Sunderland Bay 3922, Sunset Strip 3922, Surf Beach 3922, Tenby Point 3984, The Gurdies 3984, Ventnor 3922, Wattle Bank 3995, West Creek 3992, Wimbledon Heights 3922, Wonthaggi 3995, Woodleigh 3945

Tv Guy Digital Tv Antennas in Bass Coast Antennas

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Old Tv Antenna Removal

$33.00 Inc. GST

If required, the Tv Guy technician can remove and dispose of your old antenna.This price is valid with another service. If no other service is required then a fee for onsite service call will be charged instead.

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