Digital Antenna for your New Home

Have you just moved in to a new home?

You have just finish moving into your new home and decide to relax by watching some TV. You plug the TV antenna into the TV wall socket and nothing! This is a common occurrence in new homes as most builders only include the TV outlet and not the actual digital antenna.

Tv Guy can easily solve all your TV reception problems. Our highly experienced technicians are happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote. First we discuss with you all your audio and visual needs in your home. Then we work out if the current TV outlets are in the correct position according to all your needs. Finally we measure the strength of your digital reception from your roof to see if your wants and needs can be met. Once we have confirmed these details with you, we will provide you with a specific quote for the work to be completed as per your requirements in your home.

So call us today on 0418 504 488.

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