How to Fix Tv Reception Problems

There’s nothing more annoying than having your tv drop out right in the middle of your favourite program.

So here are some help full tips on reception issues

  1. Some TVs can switch between analog and digital signals. As there is no analog signal being transmitted anymore you may find that you have accidentally switched your TV to analog you can generally find the analog/digital button on your remote or it may be in your menu settings try and switch between the two to see if that helps


  1. Damaged or unplugged leads. leads can become damaged over time from wear and tear or over kinking swap out the lead to see if that helps


  1. Re-tune your TV simple go in to your TV menu and select broadcast/channel or a similar term and click on auto digital tune /scan


  1. Try a factory reset on your TV go to your TV menu screen and find factory reset and select it. This function can usually be found in settings (note this will reset all previously saved information on your tv)


  1. Unplugged or turned off booster supply. Some homes that have poor reception require a booster if the signal booster is turned of this will cause all of your TV,s to drop out of reception


  1. LTE Is a mobile phone frequency that has recently started to be used by telco company’s this frequency’s has been known to cause interference with TV reception you may need a LTE filter


7 Check the condition of your antenna it may be at the end of its life span

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