TV Wall Mounting

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Do you have a big flat screen TV sitting on a TV cabinet and are you worried your children are going to tip it over if they climb on the TV cabinet? Or are you after a new look in your lounge?

Have you thought about wall mounting the TV?

Tv Guy has been wall mounting TVs for many years so we make it look easy. Wall mounted TVs look fantastic, take up less room, are safer for children and by locking the wall mounted bracket, it keeps the TV secure from theft.

By wall mounting your TV in the bedroom, you will no long need to squeeze past the TV where you could possible knock it over and break. You can gain back the top of your tall boy! You will hardly even know there is a TV on the wall as it is discreetly up out of the way, like a picture hanging on the wall.

With the new smart TVs, you won’t need to purchase a separate DVD player as you can connect your TV to play directly from your hard drive and computer networks.

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