Mobile Phone Tower 4G interference

Mobile Towers 4G interference can cause mayhem with TV reception and is often misdiagnosed by inexperienced technicians. We come across these problems all the time.  You can’t give someone a near enough install. Ive been sent to clients place that has been putting up with a sub standard job for months, even years. Simply because the previous installer from another company has no idea what the issue is.  The advice offered by the previous installer was “It must be the area”. I added a 4G filter and BOOM! awesome tv reception is now easily achieved.

All Tv Guy technicians are taught diagnostic fault finding as well as holding industry qualifications. Its Antenna 101, quickly determined that the fault was from 4G interference.Then put a LTE signal filter on.

The correct 4G LTE filter was installed and tested to confirm the issue was resolved. The client has since reported that the issue is fixed and is enjoying.

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