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European  Security Alarms Packages

Get a Fully Installed Home Alarm System for Just $1399.00 Inc. GST for Single storey homes and $1699.00 Inc. GST for 2 storey homes. To be confirmed with an onsite quote

What’s included in the $1399.00 Inc. GST hardwired package for single storey homes?

  • Master Control Panel with Built-In Auto Dialler for Mobile Phone or Back-to-Base Monitoring (Note: Landline and optional Communications socket required if monitoring option is selected))
  • Codepad with built-in Panic Button – Quickly summon help at the touch of a button.
    Hardwired infra red motion sensors
  • Super Loud Internal screamer to BLAST any intruder from your home
  • External siren and blue strobe light that is guaranteed to draw unwanted attention.
  • Professional installation by a police-checked, fully trained and licensed Electrician.
  • All cables and connectors – no hidden costs.
  • Satifsfaction Guarantee. .
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Training to use system
  • Warning stickers for your windows
  • We clean up and empty boxes, cartons and packaging removed.

Tv Guy wants to protect your family. Its the perfect solution to reliably and effectively secure your place. These alarms are the highest quality european systems on the market. These easy to use alarms give you  peace of mind so you can  enjoy a feeling of safety.


What’s included in the $1699.00 wireless package for 2 storey homes?

  • European Control Panel with Built-in Dialler for Mobile Phone or Back-to-Base Monitoring
  • codepad with built-in Panic Button
  • Power Supply & Back-up Battery
  • Super Loud Internal sirens
  • External Siren with Blue Strobe Light
  • Bosch Blue Line Generation II wireless infra red motion sensors
  • Remote Controls with On, Off and Panic Functions
  • Warning window stickers
  • Professional installation by a police-checked, fully trained and licensed electrician
  • All cables and connectors
  • Training to use System
  • Warranty on all our workmanship
  • Phone Support

Note: The infra-red motion sensors are wireless. Other components for example: Internal sirens, External siren, Power (low voltage plug pack to one of your existing power points), Codepad and Phone line (if required).All cabling will be concealed where possible, otherwise our electrician will discuss the alternatives with you. We treat your place like it was our own. All efforts to the cleanest neatest installation will be given.

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