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Tv Guy technicians can solve your security concerns. By using CCTV security cameras, we can secure your home and possessions. Tv Guy technicians are fully experienced and will come to your home or business to make an assessment of your requirements and provide advice. Tv Guy technicians are extensively experienced in multi camera simultaneous recording. We can set up your system to be monitored from a computer, smart phone and smart devices with instant intruder notifications so you can see an incident as it happens. These systems are incredibly user friendly and easy to use.

Tv Guy technicians keep up to date with the latest developments in camera, UHD DVR NVR tracking and intruder detection to give you piece of mind. You can rest assured you have made the right choice.

Pricing for each system is determined on specific customer requirements, site inspection and quality of camera systems.

What Is The Difference In CCTV Mega Pixels?

compare cameras2

Traditional analogue CCTV Security Cameras resolution is rated 650TVL. In digital terms that is equivalent to only half a MP. With commercial grade IP CCTV Security Cameras, you can get 1MP, 2MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, 8MP, and 12MP. Here is a image showing the difference between Analogue, CVI and a high MP IP security camera

Is Number Plate Recognition Important?


From our tests of a 8MP security camera using a 12mm lens can see a number plates from about 35 metres. So given that information we have the following MegaPixel prediction for reading number plates, assuming a 12mm lens.

  • 12MP security camera - about 50 metres.
  • 8MP security camera - about 35 metres.
  • 6MP security camera - about 28 metres.
  • 5MP security camera - about 21 meters.
  • 4MP security camera - about 16 metres.
  • 2MP security camera - about 8 metres.
  • 1MP security camera - about 4 metres.

Given these are day time tests, at night time we expect it's hard to read at that range, without external significant IR illuminators.

If you just need a security camera to see number plates, then we need to select a suitable CCTV security camera for your target area.  If your objective is to automatically recognise a number plates, and maybe match it against a database for white and black list access control. Then we can certainly assist in that aswell.


Hidden CCTV Camera Projects


We often install HD Covert Spy Cameras and recorders although this technology is constantly evolving. Modern Spy cameras can be found in just about any device including Smoke Detectors, AC/DC Power Adapters, LED Light bulbs, Clocks, Pens, Car Keys, PC Speakers, Sunglasses, Bags, a Book even our new Photo Frame Camera with up to 2 years battery standby. Spy pinhole cameras are very difficult to detect and are powered by a rechargeable lithium long term battery or mains powered. Some hidden cameras have a recording duration of just a few hours although the more advanced pinhole cameras can remain in standby motion detection mode for days, weeks, months or years. Spy cameras now have incredible 1080P HD quality motion activated or constant video and audio recording auto saved to a concealed internal micro SD memory card. SD memory cards are Class 10 and can be up to 128GB. Recording quality is as good if not better than a Go Pro. The latest advance is in spy cam technology is built in WiFi. That's right if the camera is in a WiFi zone the authorised user may remotely live view and listen in from any mobile phone, PC or Mac from anywhere in the world. Users can remotely playback SD card motion activated recordings without the need to touch the camera. Suspect that you may be watched or recorded? We also offers a range of Counter or Anti Surveillance Spy Camera and Bug Detectors designed to track and trace pinhole cameras, WiFi or wireless transmission, 3G and audio related devices.


Ubiquity Link Building To Building


For large distance installations, trenching is risky, so we recommend ubiquity links instead. For example. Building 1, might have 8x wired Security Cameras, and building 2 might have 16x wired Security Cameras. So we simply link the buildings with one ubiquity link. We generally use 900MHz or 5GHz wireless transceivers, that can go up to 15km line of sight. For most cases we can use 5GHz. However if we need the wireless signal to go around corners, over a mountain, or penetration objects, buildings and/or dense foliage, we would use 900MHz.

Do You Need Better Night Vision?

camera night vision1

Whilst our cameras have IR in built for night vision, rated to 25m or 50m. However, it's no where near the best. Improving night vision? consider an external IR illuminator, which is like a floodlight for CCTV that you can't see. They are 12V and do not need to be placed near the camera. Elsewhere is sometimes better. Here is an example of what you can expect when moving from a camera with 50m rated built-in IR, to a 150m rated 60° field of view external IR illuminator, where the edge of the pool fence is about 30m from the camera.

PIR & Radar For Accurate Motion Detection


Radar Motion Detector


Reliable motion detection gives confidence to use instant notification via email, mobile phone push notification and or have a speaker say something to the intruder. Most security camera systems support motion detection via vision. However using vision only is known to be unreliable. Vision based motion detection can be triggered via rain, insects, moving cloud shadows.

For more reliable motion detection, you need to add more sensors. Some options are PIR and radar sensors. Both PIR and radar have a 120° field of view. PIR is cost-effective, however only 12-15 metres range, and not the best for outside and sunlight. Radar allows up to 50 metres, works in bad weather such as rain or snow, and can track target position and velocity, allowing target tracking via PTZ cameras.


How Facial Recognition works

facial cameras

Advanced Analytics CCTV Camera Hardware Surveillance Features

facial recognition5
facial recognition crowd

We are experienced with installation of standard security camera systems for your home, office, warehouse. We even offer more complex CCTV Camera solutions which may require features such as:

  • People counting
  • Face recognition
  • Automatic number plate recognition, also known as Licence plate recognition
  • Production line object recognition
  • People tracking
  • Virtual Trip Wire Detection

Solar for Remote CCTV Camera Projects


This camera is part of a multi camera kit where one of the protected zones has no power. Solar power is an option for totally wireless CCTV cameras. For remote security camera installations where power is not available. We can use batteries and/or solar. It is a solution but not a cheap. To give you an idea, for one security video camera and one ubiquity link to run day and night will require about 250W plus solar panel (in most areas of East Coast Australia), batteries, solar charger, etc, and will cost about $2800 in materials, not including the security camera, ubiquity link, or galvanised pole.

Stand Alone 3/4G Solar CCTV Camera Projects

3:4G Solar Cam

Our non hidden stand alone outdoor 3/4G solar security cameras are an amazing new security camera system. Our solar camera can be mounted anywhere within a mobile phone wireless network. If onsite WiFi is available, the same solar camera system is available with an optional WiFi module rather than 3/4G. 3/4G solar camera will record any motion detected then email authorised users by way of a motion email or mobile phone push alert. The LED motion triggered flood light and warning speaker allows the camera to record motion in HD colour rather than por resolution B/W Infra Red. The motion activated LED flood light and speaker is also a massive intruder deterrent. Live view one or multi cameras from any web enabled device from anywhere in the world. No software needed with easy DIY installation or we can do it for you. Ideal for Building & Construction Sites, Mine Sites, Councils, Waterways, Dams, Properties and so much more.

General Information on Considering A CCTV System

When thinking about a security camera system, you may like to consider the following options:

  • Fixed, pan/tilt (PT) and/or pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ).
  • Day and/or night security camera, via infrared (IR) or laser sensors.
  • Radar & PIR's
  • Covert (i.e. Hidden or Spy), bullet and/or dome Security Cameras.
  • Water/vandal resistant/proof - e.g. IP66, IP67, IP68
  • Wired or WiFi.
  • Ubiquity Links
  • Digital video recorder (DVR), Network video recorder (NVR)
  • Full HD resolution 1080p screen.
  • Security camera lens size: field of view vs range.
  • Power over ethernet (PoE) solution.
  • Solar units
  • Motion capture via PIR motion sensors, or computer vision software to analysis each image frame for movement.
  • Remote access from your home PC, iPhone, iPad and/or Android smartphone/tablet, via a browser or mobile app.

Security Camera Systems

security camera monitor

Security cameras (digital trip wire intruder detection)


These cameras are suitable for day and night vision. Tv Guy technicians can install the cameras to commercial or domestic premises with the cables located in wall and roof cavities. We will network either DVR or NVR which includes a digital trip wire intrusion detection and facial recognition. These visions can be viewed on computer monitors, smart phones or smart devices. Your phone can also have an alert notice set which will notify you if the trip wire is breached. We can provide advice on entry level kits to state of the art commercial projects.


Security 4 camera kits (digital trip wire intrusion detection)


  • 4 x Dahua outdoor metal dome cameras full HD(weatherproof day and night vision) IP or CVI
  • 1 X 4 Channel Dahua UHD DVR NVR with 1080P and above live preview display
  • 1 x HDMI LCD security viewing monitor
  • Surveillance hard disk drive
  • Remote viewing and intrusion detection notifications sent to smart phones and smart devices
  • Parts & labour warranty

* upgrade each camera to a 2 MP or 4MP or more. Even PTZ or 180,360 degree cameras can be added to these kits.

camera kit

Security 8 camera kits (digital trip wire intrusion detection)


  • 8 x Dahua outdoor metal cameras full HD(weatherproof day and night vision) IP or CVI
  • 1 X 8 Channel Dahua UHD DVR NVR with 1080P and above live preview display
  • 1 x HDMI LCD security viewing monitor
  • Surveillance hard disk drive
  • Remote viewing and intruder detection notifications on smart phones and smart devices
  • Parts & labour warranty

* upgrade each camera to a 2 MP or 4MP or more. Even PTZ or 180,360 degree cameras can be added to these kits
* Additional for double storey homes (if modem is downstairs)
* upgrade hard drive to 2TB , 3TB, 4TB or more


16 camera kit

Security 16 camera kits (digital trip wire intrusion detection)


  • 16 x Dahua outdoor metal cameras full HD(weatherproof day and night vision) IP or CVI
  • 1 X 16 Channel Dahua UHD DVR NVR with 1080P and above live preview display
  • 1 x HDMI LCD security viewing monitor
  • Surveillance hard disk drive
  • Remote viewing and intruder detection notifications on smart phones and smart devices
  • Parts & labour warranty

* upgrade each camera to a 2 MP or 4MP or more Even PTZ 180,360 degree cameras can be added to these kits.
* Additional for double storey homes (if modem is downstairs)
* upgrade hard drive to 2TB , 3TB, 4TB or more

Security Camera Systems

360 dome camera

Mini dome 360 for ceilings or 180 degree for walls


Latest mini-dome now offers 6 megapixels of resolution and a built in 360-degree panomorph lens enabling 360-degree panoramic surveillance.  This technology provides immersive views without blind spots and increases resolution of distant objects compared to other comparable camera models.

ptz page

Tracking PTZ cameras (digital trip wire intrusion detection)


Suitable for Night & Day. These state of the art cameras once set up, track anyone that crosses the digital intrusion trip wire. Then once tripped the PTZ zooms in and follows every step untill out of range. If its a car its zooms in to the registration plate and follows the vehicle.
These PTZ cameras Installed to commercial or domestic premises cabled in wall and roof cavities. We network the DVR or NVR, and set up the digital trip wire with intrusion detection and facial recognition, viewed on monitors and push notifications on all internet equipment ie: smart phone, tablet, computer, etc. From entry level kits to state of the art commercial projects priced on application.

control room page

Back to base monitoring


Tv Guy technicians can help provide advice on 24/7 back to base monitoring. The companies that provides all our security cameras, alarms and restricted access equipment also offer this service.


Multiple building security camera system


Tv Guy technicians provide state of the art technology and are leaders in the field. We can connect each building on the property to one system which you control. NVR's are so versatile that trip wire intrusion detection to all smart phones and smart devices are standard.

Security Camera Specials!

security camera monitor


HD LCD monitors with hdmi connection



Four Camera CVI kits

4 camera 2 megapixel cvi Kit 4 Channel recorder


*(installation for single story tiled home) 

camera kit

Four Camera Network Kits

4 Camera IP 2 megapixel kit 4 channel nvr  $1980.00

4 Camera Ip 3 megapixel Kit 8 channel nvr  $2300.00

*(installation for single story tiled home) 

360 dome camera

Wireless 4 Camera Kits with cloud storage

4 camera wireless kit  


*(installation for single story tiled home) 

CCTV Cameras & Fog BOMB Burglar Alarm


Our Security cameras can integrate with our Fog BOMB burglar alarm systems. Once set, this gives you perimeter trip wires and room intrusion fields set while you sleep. This gives you plenty of warning with the siren & Fog BOMB if an intruder enters. The ear piercing screamer is so loud it makes it incredibly hard to stay inside and the Fog BOMB makes it impossible to see forcing a, would be burglar to flee


Modern Intruders Don't Care If Your Home


Modern intruders are not shy in turning on lights and confronting the home owner. If this has happend to you and the thought of spending another night in your home is terrifying.  Let us come over and give you some real security solutions. The new Fog BOMB burglar alarms are an incredible development in stopping the crime.  At Tv Guy we know first hand of what your going through as it has happened to me personally. Let us show you how you can feel safe again.

home invasion1

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Our services are designed to be comprehensive solutions for both residences and businesses throughout S.E.Melbourne & South Gippsland. Working with Tv Guy will ensure that you get the best installation and upgrade solutions at a decent price.

Our expert technicians can provide you with an accurate estimate directly over the phone. We even offer a free onsite quote on installation services so that you can obtain the services that you need at a reasonable cost.

We’re open daily from 8AM – 8PM and our technicians can be dispatched to your location promptly for fast S.E.Melbourne & South Gippsland installations and repairs. Once our technicians arrive at your location, you can expect to receive prompt and knowledgeable customer support services for installation, upgrades and reception problems.

Our friendly and reliable technicians are happy to serve you. To check out our prices just click below on the services your interested in.

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